Six new events for the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018

For the 23rd edition of the Olympic Winter Games, six new events were added in four different sports. These changes will contribute to a record-breaking number of women’s events and of female participants in the PyeongChang games.

Alpine Skiing

A mixed team event, which has been presented in the World Championships since 2005, was added in the alpine skiing competition program of the 2018 Winter Games. In this event, teams of four people – two men and two women – slide down a huge slalom path.

The event begins with 16 teams that race in a duel rather than against the watch. Each athlete goes up against an opponent of the same sex and the winner gives a point to his or her team. If there is a tie (2-2), the team with the fastest cumulative time wins the round. The two final teams race in the final for the gold medal and the teams who lost in quarter finals race for the bronze.


Mark McMorris

The big air event will replace the parallel slalom competition for both men and women. By bringing this change to the program, more freestyle snowboarders will have a chance to win a medal.

Big air consists of snowboarders sliding down a launching ramp before doing acrobatic figures in the air. Athletes are evaluated by five judges on the height and distance reached, their landing, the level of difficulty of their figures, their form and the overall execution.

Speed Skating

In long track speed skating, the mass start event was added to the competition program for men and women.

Mass start races consist of  24 speed skaters on the ice rink who race at the same time. The final result depends not only on who finishes first at the end of the 16 laps, but also on the results of three sprints that are done on the 4th, 8th and 12th laps. Skaters receive points for each of these sprints.


A double mixed event was added to the curling Winter Olympics program. Matches are played with six stones and is divided in eight rounds with 22 minutes for thinking and strategizing, as opposed to traditional curling where teams of four play ten rounds with eight stones and are allowed 38 minutes for reflection.  

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