The Olympic Torch Relay to PyeongChang: Let everyone shine !

The Olympic torch relay aims to reach everyone in order to share the olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect. The slogan for the 23rd edition of the Games’ relay, “Let Everyone shine !” reunites these values to show what it means to take part in the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are about sports and passion. For athletes, they represent the tipping point of their career after years of training and preparation. For fans all over the world, the Olympic Games are an opportunity to cheer for their athletes and feel pride in seeing them represent their country during the biggest sports event of the world. Through the years, the Olympics have become a symbol of peace and hope.

Opening new horizons
The objective of the Relay for Everyone program was also to open new horizons for Koreans and the world, whether by showcasing unknown regions of Korea during the torch’s journey across the country, by using a wide variety of means of transport like a yacht, a bike or even a robot in the relay or by choosing inspiring people as torchbearers.

These torchbearers are athletes, previous olympians, trainers, artists, Korean public figures, but also everyday people who embody the values of compassion, respect, hope and determination. These people all have in common the fact that they are achievers and dreamers, people who had the audacity to follow their dreams and by doing so, paved the way to new horizons.

In short, the torchbearers were chosen because they shine in their own way.

Beyond all these values, inclusion is at the heart of the Relay for Everyone. That’s the reason why the olympic torch was brought to those often disregarded in our society. For 13 days during the relay, the torchbearers met with elderly people, veterans, disabled people and sick children in order to inspire the whole country with their stories and to make them a part of the 2018 Olympics.

With the opening ceremony coming quickly, it is now time for the entire world to shine in the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018!