Getting around Tokyo Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Getting around Tokyo

The Organising Committee of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has planned a convenient transportation system for spectators who will be visiting Tokyo during the Olympic Games.

Tips about transportation at Games time:

  • Please give yourself plenty of time when travelling to a venue. Transport and local areas will be very busy during the Games.
  • IC Travel cards (Suica, PASMO etc.) make you possible to enter a ticket gate smoothly without purchasing a ticket from a vending machine. Please check this out for more details
  • Please note in advance that the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 may ask you to use unusual/alternative routes or stations during the Games.
  • Public transport will be the best way for spectators to travel to venues. 

Getting around TokyoJapan’s transportation system is a convenient way for travelers to move around the cities and in between venues. Please click on the link below to help you plan travel to reach your destination.

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